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Shimha Lifestyle

Handcrafted Homewares Paradise inspired, for lovers of delicate whites and natural textures.

Welcome to Shimha Lifestyle a collection of Bo Ho tropical handmade homewares pieces inspired through adventures living on the mystical island of Bali.
Shimha Lifestyle has been my own journey of learning and expressing myself through the creative process of designing my own prints and making things that I love to have in my own home.
Reconnecting with the creative part of myself has allowed me to bring more fun and playful expression into my life.
For me each carefully handmade piece tells a story about my personal relationship with the artisan who devoted so much of his or her time to the process of making each item.
My range extends from Aztec and tribal cushions, whimsical bed nets, boho lace hammocks and cotton crochet blankets plus treasures I’ve discovered on my travels through Asia and Australia.
I believe that when you purchase something that has evolved over time it adds a touch of uniqueness and character to your personal space which evokes a sense of warmth to your home.

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