Handmade mala necklaces – made with heart, designed with the best of intentions and your well-being in mind. Story of Seven creates beautiful malas to be worn; admired and loved. Carefully chosen semi-precious gemstones are used in conjunction with sacred rudraksha beads, sterling silver and brilliant coloured tassels create a contemporary spin on the traditional prayer bead mala.
Story of Seven design malas for the up-to-date individuals who are in search of an adornment with heart and soul. In an emerging niche between tradition and contemporary style Story of Seven adds a fresh new approach to the traditional mala. Used for centuries in India and Tibet for counting mantras mala beads are said to assist in meditation and enlightenment. Each SOS mala has a story to tell or symbolic meaning, each piece is hand knotted using a combination of semi precious stones deliberately chosen for their specific healing properties, making them feel alive and powerful to wear.

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