Hand knotted Crystal Mala | Selene


Story of Seven hand knotted crystal Malas.

Selene is the Greek goddess of the full moon and she radiates her gentle unwavering light upon us all. She will help bring the power of illumination into our lives during times of darkness as she travels across the sky helping to guide and protect. The moon is nothing short of miraculous, always revealing a different side of herself with a constant strength, nurturing glow and healing energy. Selene has the power to manifest goals and bring a sense of calm to all who look upon her.

The Selene Mala is made with moonstone, lava stone, sacred rudraksha seeds, four hand tooled sterling silver beads our signature SOS tag and using a black thread. Moonstone is associated with the emotional energy of the moon and will provide support through times of change, creating a sense of optimism and strength. It can be used to enhance intuition, has a balancing and calming energy and the rainbow effect brings in a spectrum of light, that can help with clearing and uplifting energy. Lava stone provides stability during times of change can help to dissolve anger and is especially useful when you are feeling depressed or lacking vitality.

Selene’s energy is gentle, nurturing and constant, so wearing this mala will provide a deep sense of support and strength during times of transformation. Feel safe, radiate light and allow change to unfold gracefully with this mala by your side.

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