Hand knotted Crystal Mala | Serenity


Story of Seven hand knotted crystal Malas.

Serenity is the art of letting go of and being in a state of peace and calm. To allow Serenity into your being, is to accept what you are in control of and let you what you are not. This is the most fundamental lesson on the path to being happy and free. Do not try and focus your energies on the uncontrollable, but rather have faith and trust that the universe already has a perfect plan. All you need to do is get out of the way and watch it unfold.

The supportive combination of moonstone and white howlite stones will promote a feeling of peace and calm helping to nurture, heal and assist with spiritual growth. The Serenity Mala is hand knotted using moonstone and white howlite beads, sacred rudraksha seeds, a large white howlite guru bead, hand tooled 925 silver beads, our signature SOS charm and a soft silver thread. The Serenity Mala will allow a serene demeanour to wash over your being allowing you to let go and surrender with ease to the powers that be.

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